Microsoft UK Store to finally sell Windows Phones


Maybe we now know why Microsoft went to all that trouble of buying Nokia: so it could finally sell handsets on its online UK store.

Okay, maybe not, but it is only now that the company has finally started listing handsets for sale directly from its shop.

Three of the current UK Nokia handsets are available, nicely covering the full gamut from entry level to top-end. They are the Nokia 1320 (£329), Nokia 1520 (£529) and Nokia 630 (£129).

These prices are fair though certainly not the cheapest. But, if you do like the reassurance of a warranted, unlocked handset then it’s potentially a good choice of shop to buy from.

The phones join an expanding range of products, as Microsoft looks to more directly take on the likes of the Apple Store. These include the Microsoft Surface tablets, Xbox consoles and accessories, Windows and Office software and a variety of other accessories.

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