Internet Explorer Spartan is impressive new look Windows 10 browser

Microsoft has unveiled Spartan, its new-look Internet Explorer that features inbuilt markup, reading mode and Cortana support.

internet explorer spartan

The new browser is a radical revamp that integrates a host of features previously only supported in extensions.

The first of these is the ability to draw and add notes to webpages, with the pages saved as fixed images but with links still working.

Pages can also be viewed in a reading mode and there’s an integrated reading list too.

PDFs can now be opened in the browser, including allowing the users to add notes in the same way as you can with a webpage.

internet explorer spartan 1

Perhaps most useful is Cortana support, which will add Cortana suggestions to search results and more importantly add useful information while you’re viewing webpages. For instance, while¬† viewing a restaurant page Cortana will show you review scores and directions to the restaurant.

Like the other new features of Windows 10, Spartan will be rolled out at some point in the next three to five months to Windows 10 Technical Preview users, before finally being released with the full Windows 10 release.


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